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Your Daily Starter: March 2, 2022

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Here is Your Daily Starter for Wednesday, March 2, 2022.

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

Winston Churchill

We need to start a petition that the word “failure” is most times wrongly used. It is much more productive to think of certain circumstances as a “learning cycle” instead. When you applied for the job and did not get it, it might seem you failed, but there is more. There is a chance that you failed to communicate your worth properly. Your inexperience might have stood in the way.

It takes humility to learn from mistakes and failures, truly learn from them and then keep going until the inevitable success! Embrace the learning cycle.

1️⃣ These are the 20 most common passwords leaked on the dark web — make sure none of them are yours

Choosing a strong password helps prevent hackers from accessing online accounts. It is recommended that people use passwords with uncommon characters that are longer than the minimum length required. A different password should be used for every account. Cybersecurity experts say that the current Russian-Ukrainian conflict could result in an increase in cyberattacks around the world. You should be concerned. A list of the 20 most commonly leaked passwords is available.

2️⃣ Google to charge Nigerian users 7.5% VAT from April 2022

Following in the footsteps of Facebook, Google has informed its Nigerian users that the company would charge 7.5% VAT on all taxable goods and services, effective from April 1st, 2022.

The company noted in an official statement that, “Due to new legislation in Nigeria, starting April 1, 2022, Google will be required to charge 7.5% VAT on all taxable goods and services”. Value Added Tax is a levy charged on each stage of production of goods and services to the end-user, usually the final consumer.

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