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Your Daily Starter: March 4, 2022

Hello Friend,

Here is Your Daily Starter for Friday, March 4, 2022.

“Be content to act, and leave the talking to others.”


Social media has certainly raised the quantity and volume of the talking. Worse, the dopamine rush that used to be triggered after some meaningful work can now be set off for merely talking about things you plan to do and getting some applause.

This is a call back to the simpler times. It is time to let your work do the talking once again.

Talk less. Act some more.

Chimpanzees Self-Medication?

New observations of chimpanzees in Gabon lead researchers to wonder if the tendency for self-medication and medicating others really is unique to humans. The chimpanzees of the Rekambo community in Gabon, West Africa, have been observed applying insects to their open wounds and the wounds of other community members. No other animal, apart from humans, has ever been seen treating the wounds of others. Self-medication with plant material is common, but the use of insects to treat wounds is unique. It is unknown which insects were used, or whether the treatment is effective. The behavior may be evidence that chimpanzees can display prosocial behaviors.

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