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Your Daily Starter: March 9, 2022

Hello Friend,

Here is Your Daily Starter for Wednesday, March 9, 2022.

“Real leadership comes from realizing that the time has come to move beyond waiting to doing.”

Madeleine Albright

Have you been waiting for the right time to start a business?
Have you been waiting for a friend to join you to flesh your ideas?
Have you been waiting to graduate before you learn that skill?
Have you been waiting for the presidential election in Nigeria to kick off before you write your CV or apply for that Job?
What have you been waiting for???

If you want to become and do all you have been gifted to do, it is time you move beyond waiting to DOING.
Do something meaningful with yourself every day and start where ever you find yourself.

What are the climate costs of plastic?

Plastics have shaped the modern age in a way that few other materials have. Every step of the plastic production chain emits greenhouse gases. Nearly all plastic resins are derived from fossil fuel. Around 60 percent of all plastic made across the world since 1950 has been either sent to landfills where it emits methane and carbon dioxide and can lead to soil, groundwater and smell pollution for nearby communities or discarded in the natural environment. The most emissions-heavy way to manage plastic is to burn it. But according to CIEL report, for every tonne of plastic burned, 0.9 tonnes of carbon dioxide are still released.

Daily Good: Share your knowledge with someone who needs it TODAY.

Are there simple things you know and do very well that has helped you achieved a lot easier and faster? Today is a good day to share your knowledge of how something works with a friend, neighbor, colleague etc. You can teach someone how to use Xender and save a WhatsApp status, teach someone how to use the internet better, or share a free online learning platform to a friend to help them become more productive than before.


Young African Landscape Leadership Program (March-December) 2022.
The Global Landscape Forum (GLF) in partnership with the Youth in Landscape initiative is launching the first ever Young Africa Landscape Leadership, an eight-month annual program for African students, young professionals in Africa and Africa-diaspora from age 18-35.
Click here to apply

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